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It's unlikely you will know if your email is undelivered, even more unlikely is that you would know when it is flagged as SPAM and why. To determine whether an e-mail is spam most spam filters examine a number of different rules: such as content, length, percentage of text, use of images, number of recipients, headers, sender. They will then formulate a spam score for every e-mail which passes through the server.
Some common rules are 3 or more capitalized words in the Subject line, no subject text, subject starts with Hello or Free or GUARANTEED etc , subject line starts with Buy or Buying, email has more than 70 percent blank lines. The above is an ever growing list and as spam senders become more wily the rules are likely to become more stringent.
If you need to send out a newsletter, you probably want to check it against these and other rules, MailingCheck test your spam score with SpamAssassin engine, based on its content, to prevent that the mail it will not be filtered out as spam, once the mail has been sent. This will allow you to correct any major problem before you actually send out your mailing. MailingCheck can be used by in order to track down any problem with their messages and comply with SpamAssassin guidelines for senders. To check sending a newsletter, you need installed in your system SendBlaster (bulk email software and mass email software to send multiple emails). It’s pretty user friendly, you can launch an email campaign in a few minutes creating and sending customized e-mails using your database and integrating with your web site mailing list.
The customizable fields is a nice touch, you can manage them and thanks to the data merge functionalities, each recipients will receive a customized message. You can choose the graphical style and the contents amongst several templates or import your own .eml files from Outlook or from HTML files. All of the images and the necessary files will be incorporated in order to assure a correct graphical output to your recipients. You can also compose your messages through the built-in HTML editor.
Although may you write a perfectly legitimate email, some very strict antispam filters could detect it as spam and block it. To avoid this, use Mailing Check to check it yourself before sending it.

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